The tournament is named after Walther Bensemann

Walther Bensemann (* 1873 in Berlin; † 1934 in Montreux, Switzerland in exile) is considered one of the most important pioneers in German football history, both for the early phase of the first club foundations and for the phase of popularization of the game during the Weimar Republic.

At the same time, his person gains outstanding importance through his persistent, lifelong campaigning for sport and football to make a contribution to cross-border understanding for European unification and peace.

As the publisher of Kicker , he fought eloquently for international encounters, a cosmopolitan society and the idea of European unification. He received some harsh criticism for this from German nationalist forces in the DFB.

In 1933, Bensemann had to leave Germany and kicker because of his Jewish origins and his cosmopolitan attitude. He died impoverished in Montreux in 1934 at the age of 61.


Participation in founding associations

1887 FC Montreux

1889-1899 International Football Club (Karlsruhe), Karlsruher FV, AS Strasbourg, Eintracht Frankfurt, Bayern Munich (both the forerunners)

Organization of international games

1893 1st international game in Germany against a Swiss team

1898 1st international match against French team (in Paris)

1899 “original international matches” against the English national team

German Football Association

1900 co-founder and namesake of the German Football Association

England (1901 – 1914)

1901-1914 stay in England; Experiencing World War I from Germany and losing friends on both sides


Founded Kicker in 1920 and published it until 1933


1933-1934 went into exile in Montreux after the Nazis seized power

History of the tournament

Foundation: 1934 by Albert Mayer, Dr. Ivo Schricker (FIFA Secretary General), Dori Kürschner (Trainer Grashoppers Zurich), Georges Singer (President AS Strasbourg)

First held: 1937

Previous events : 31

Previous winners:

  • 5-time winners Birmingham City
  • 4-time winner Wacker Vienna
  • 3-time winners AC Bologna
  • 2-time winner FC Casale, RSC Anderlecht
  • 1-time winners Slavia Prague, CS International, Queen’s Park Rangers, Austria Vienna, AC Legnano, Deportivo Mirandes, Juventus Turin, 1. FC Cologne, Rapid Vienna, Standard Liège, VfL Bochum, AC Como, 1. FC Nuremberg, FC Bologna, Karlsruher FV